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Aluminium Shelving food applications

Aluminium shelving is an ideal choice for food service application. t is tough and will not rust.  The alimaster system uses a thick walled upright that allows mobile racking to be strong and rigid, which is important where floor and wall cleaning is required: cold stores being a typical example.

The frame and beam components are available in stainless steel.

Take a look in the specials page where you can see some interesting designs

Aluminium fridge shelving commerical fridgerator racking
coldroom racking Supermarket Coldroom
fresh food shelving Angled shelf for easy fresh food selection
shelving for pots and pans Durable pan rack that will not rust


As you can see we are not web site experts                                            ....but we know a lot about shelving!

Second Quality stock

We sometimes find less than perfect stock, cosmetic damage, usually minor.

                                                We offer these at special prices, with the normal warranty.

Stock varies daily so please contact us for availability.

Other applications

Aluminium shelving makes a good base for storage systems within laboratories, clean rooms and rooms with controlled environments. Mobile racks are especially useful where stock has to be taken in and out of the room.

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Aluminium shelving supplied and installed. trade discounts available. Delivery to Bedfordshire,Hertfordshire,Buckinghamshire,London,Northamptonshire,Essex and Oxfordshire.